British Open - Royal Birkdale Golf Course - Southport England - July 20-23, 2017 - British Open Golf Generator

PGA Lineup Generator for the


2017 British Open – Open Championship

Royal Birkdale Golf Course – Southport, England


July 20-23, 2017


Our PGA Lineup Generator for DraftKings Fantasy Golf takes all of the golfers which you choose and generates every possible lineup that fits within the salary range that you specify. It delivers up to 500 results to you, with the highest salaries first, in a DraftKings formatted CSV file that can be directly uploaded to DraftKings and used in multi-entry competitions. Recent results from a DraftKings DFS PGA quarter arcade competition show that over 56% of the top 32 competitors entered the maximum of 50 lineups (click here).  Our PGA Lineup Generator will save you an enormous amount of time in creating your multi-entry lineups and best of all it’s FREE – Enjoy!


Watch the video for instructions on how to use the PGA Lineup Generator

The PGA Lineup Generator usually becomes ACTIVE by Monday evening or Tuesday at the latest on weeks that DraftKings offers a DFS PGA Competition.

PGA Lineup Generator Instructions:

  1. Research your DFS Golfers.  We have a good PGA resource page to get you started (click here)
  2. Choose your DFS Golfers.  We recommend limiting your selections to 10-12 golfers.
  3. Choose the salary range you would like to stay within.
  4. Choose the number of results you want returned to you.  The PGA Lineup Generator only returns up to 500 PGA Lineups since that is the max that you can upload at one time at DraftKings.  The PGA Lineup Generator will always return the lineups which are closet to the the salary cap first then in descending order.
  5. Generate & Download the CSV File.
  6. Edit the CSV File if you need to.  At times you will find that the generated PGA Lineups have way too many instances of one or two of your value/sleepers picks.  This is because those PGA sleepers, being cheap, are easy to fit within most of the lineups and you may want to limit your exposure to them. (** We are working on a new tool that is part of the PGA Lineup Generator which limits the exposure of each golfer to the percentage which you choose, but for now you have to do it manually.  For example, with the new PGA Lineup Generator, you will be able to set J.T. Poston’s exposure to 20% and he will only appear in 20% of the lineups generated.  This will allow you to increase the number of golfers you choose to use for the PGA Lineup Generator which will increase your variance of your lineups which in turn spread’s out risk and can greatly increase your likelihood of cashing in. We will provide info on this page when we have the new EURO-Golf Lineup Generator completed and ready to use.)
  7. Go to DraftKings and upload your Fantasy PGA LIneups (click here)

It has been brought to our attention that the generator doesn’t always return results and we’ve found that the salary slider needs to be moved a bit before the generator will generate the csv file with the lineups.  Just move it to $45,010 and it should work fine.


Salary Range: 46000 - 50000
46000 50000
Number of results to return: 100
10 500