Investing in the Cryptocurrency Market is Like ‘Day Trading on Steroids!’

The first and most important rule of thumb is you must exercise discipline!

The second most important rule is you must exercise patience!

This is new information for a lot of people.  If you really want to understand exactly how to take advantage of the HUGE cryptocurrency markets then you NEED to read through this webpage a few times and I promise it will begin to sink in.  It’s just plain crazy what’s happening!

My name is Scott Root and I am the owner and sole contributor to which, for of those of you who are finding this page from somewhere else, is a small website (only about 50,000 visitors in the past year) that caters to Daily Fantasy Sports Tools. I’ve been providing free tools for DFS players for about 1 yr and playing DFS for about 3 years– mostly NBA – and have done decently well – but I’m here to tell you that there is a once in a lifetime (LITERALLY!) opportunity right now and this is why I am taking all of the time I put in to research DFS Lineups into the Cryptocurrency Markets.  I’m not here to sell you anything because I don’t need to – but I do want to seriously encourage you to get involved with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because, believe it or not, the more individuals that participate, the more lucrative it becomes. The truth is that Bitcoin/Blockchain is designed with an incentive program to keep the process of growth continual until at least 2040 when the number of Bitcoins released into circulation will cease making it a fixed currency which will bring stability to the financial system. Right now the cryptocurrency arena is like the wild west and Bitcoin is on target to become one of the major currencies if not THE MAJOR CURRENCY in the coming years so hold on for the ride.


Here’s a secret – the Blockchain was specifically designed by Satoshi Nakamoto to be used with Bitcoin. The Blockchain and Bitcoin go hand in hand and you can’t have one without the other. All of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies are designed to take advantage of the Bitcoin Blockchain but what they don’t really understand is that, like I just said, the Blockchain was designed for Bitcoin – not these other cryptocurencies. Right now the ‘market value’ of Bitcoin is being diluted by the hundreds of cryptocurrencies which are creating wealth for hundreds of thousands of people, but in the long run, all of the huge amounts of wealth being created through these cryptocurrencies will eventually flow back into Bitcoin.



What I am about to to tell you is so simple it may be hard for some of you to grasp. I took Business Finance in college (CSU-Pueblo to be exact) and one of our projects was to challenge the stock market for short term gains and I can tell you that this method NEVER OCCURRED TO ME BEFORE. It is so ridiculously obvious that I absolutely can’t believe I didn’t see it sooner.

Remember that the large majority of people investing in cryptocurrency will hold onto the cryptocurrency long term in the hopes that it will keep rising and this gives us a HUGE ADVANTAGE!

The cryptocurrency markets, due to volatility, are ripe for short term investments called ‘skimming’

Volatility just means that there are wild fluctuations in the price which we take full advantage of 🙂

What is ‘skimming’

This is a one month chart for a cryptocurrency called DGB but don’t get stuck on the name – choose a cryptocurrency that fits your budget and volatility level. ALL of the cryptocurrencies are somewhat volatile and will make you money but the most volatile cryptocurrencies will return the most value on a daily basis.



If you don’t have much money or want to test out ‘skimming’ with just a small amount of cash then look for the cryptocurrencies that are CHEAP like the one below. The part of the above graph that is of interest to us is in the white circle which is a 4 day view of DGB trading which is shown below.



For a full day from Dec 21 – Dec 22 the price of DGB crypto-coins (basically the same as stock) was flat at about .04 cents. This creates a buy signal and would be the time to purchase DGB coins.  Let’s say you purchase 250 coins @ .04 cents each – that would be $10 bucks worth.

After you purchase the DGB cryptocurrency, you also place a ‘sell stop’ order to automatically sell your DGB coins when the price rises to a certain level. The price on this crypto rose to .0875 cents on Dec 23 before heading back down. If you placed a ‘sell stop’ order below .0875 cents, the system will sell the coins when that price is reached. Say you place a ‘sell stop’ at .075 cents, the system will sell your DGB coins for $18.75 (250 coins x .075 cents). Well you just realized a profit of $8.75 which represents a 87.5 % return. THE BEST CDs OUT THERE RIGHT NOW ARE RETURNING LESS THAN 1% PER YEAR.

If you are starting out small, you can slowly (patience) build a bank roll investing in the cheap cryptos and over time you will be able to ‘skim’ from the more expensive cryptocurrencies.

Example – you purchase 2500 cryptocurrency coins while the value is flattened out @ .50 cents each.  Then you place a ‘sell stop’ to automatically sell the coins when they get to .75 cents each.  Due to volatility it is easy for cryptocurrencies to make wild swings in value within just a few hours.  When the cryptocurrency price increases to .75 the system will automatically sell them for you and your profit would be $625.00 in just a few hours.

You can take advantage of the high volatility in the cryptocurrency markets ALL DAY LONG!

When you are placing your ‘stop sell’ you can even set it up to initiate just a fraction above the price you paid for the crypto coins. For example, if I purchase the DGB crypto coins for .04 and place a ‘stop sell’ at .05 (this is really playing it safe), I would still see a return of 25% – AND YOU CAN DO THIS ALL DAY LONG!

One thing that you really need to PAY ATTENTION TO is the daily trading volume of the coin(s) you are targeting. Daily trading volume just means the number of coins being bought and sold each day. If you purchase too many coins of a cryptocurrency that has a low trading volume each day, it may be difficult to sell those coins at your ‘sell stop’ price due to there not being enough buyers but usually when any investment begins making any big moves there lots of people trying to get in on the action.

So there you have it – purchase when the coin value is rising and sell when they coin value begins to fall and pay attention to the daily trading volume of the coins you are targeting.




Another awesome little technique is to keep an eye on trading volume. When the trading volume for a coin doubles or triples there is most likely a pump and dump going on. This is when an investor or several investors working together purchase lots of coins (PUMP) which will nearly immediately cause a buying frenzy and cause the price to drastically increase then, at a certain price point, these same investors will sell (DUMP) all of their coins at the higher price which, of course will set in motion a selling frenzy. If and when you notice this happening, hop on for the ride but pay close attention to when the sell-off begins so that you can safely sell (DUMP) while the price is high.

Below is the same 1-month graph for the DGB Cryptocurrency and the Red Circle shows you the huge increase in trading volume at the same time the price of the DGB coin was stagnant at .04 cents.  This was most likely a Pump and Dump.



One more important reminder – although you can make money by ‘skimming’ any cryptocurrency, those cryptocurrencies that are backed by a good idea are the best for long-term skimming. So read up on the cryptos that you plan on targeting.


1. The first thing you need to do is sign up with a cryptocurrency exchange and DO IT NOW! Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world are getting involved with crypto investing every week so most crypto exchanges are currently backlogged and will take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks to get you verified. Some of the exchanges even had to suspend registrations because of the backlog.

Remember – the more people that get involved in trading cryptos, the more profitable it becomes for us.

The crypto exchange that I use and HIGHLY RECOMMEND IS BINANCE. Binance has over 5 million users and IS THE MOST TRUSTED crypto exchange currently available AND it only took them 2 days to get my account verified.

Watch this short Bloomberg interview with the CEO of Binance to get a better idea about Binance.


Binance allows trading on 100 different cryptocurrencies.  Below is the Binance-crypto-list.



You can register with Binance with JUST AN EMAIL ADDRESS but you can only withdrawal 2 Bitcoin in a 24-hour period. To increase the withdrawal limit to 100 Bitcoin per 24-hour period, you need to get your account verified. To do this you will need images of the front and back of your driver’s license as well as an image of you holding your driver’s license next to your face along with a piece of paper that has today’s date on it.


Binance Logo


2. Binance is strictly a cryptocurrency market meaning it only trades and transacts in cryptocurrencies so you will need some Bitcoin to transfer into your Bitcoin wallet at Binance.

HANDS DOWN, the best exchange to get this accomplished is Gemini.

Gemini was started by the Winklevoss Twins. If you remember, they are the ones that sued Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, for ‘stealing’ their idea for a social network. Here’s a good Fox News interview to familiarize you with who they are and what their outlook for Gemini and Bitcoin is.

The MAGIC of Bitcoin’s growth is people. The more people that get involved with it, the more valuable it becomes.

What makes Gemini better than purchasing Bicoin at another exchange? Let me tell you my story. My first purchase of Bitcoin was through It was for $50.00 worth of Bitcoin and after all was said and done I had $28.00 worth of Bitcoin sitting in my Bitcoin wallet. Why only $28.00 of Bitcoin? Because there are large fees for each Bitcoin transaction because the Blockchain is getting backlogged with too much transaction traffic. The high transaction fees have been the complaint of hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin users, and fortunately the Blockchain custodians are working on a solution.  In the meantime, how does someone purchase a small dollar amount of Bitcoin without getting hammered by high transaction fees. Well… Gemini is setup to place many Bitcoin transactions into a pool that acts as a single transaction when placed on the blockchain.  This effectively splits the cost of the single transaction fee among all the transactions that have been bundled as one transaction. After I joined Gemini I went to purchase $25.00 of Bitcoin and the transaction fee was only .05 cents. UNBELIEVABLE.

After you purchase Bitcoin through Gemini, you can easily transfer it to your Binance Bitcoin wallet and start crypto-trading.

There are some requirements to register with Gemini, like supplying a copy of your Driver’s License, but the process is easier than Binance and make sure you are patient with Gemini to process your application as they have an enormous backlog as well.


Gemini Logo

What are Bitcoin wallets?

Bitcoin wallets are a highly secure way for you to store your Bitcoin. They use a form of security called Cryptography. The Bitcoin you bought from Gemini is stored in your personal Bitcoin wallet on Gemini’s server until you transfer it to your personal Binance Bitcoin wallet on the Binance server.

To transfer your Bitcoin from Gemini into Binance follow these screenshots –

First you need to Login to Binance and go into the Deposits/Withdrawals under the Funds menu item.

How to Transfer Bitcoin from Gemini to Binance

In the next screenshot you will type in BTC (Bitcoin’s acronym) in the search box on the top left then choose the ‘Deposit’ button over on the right.

How to Transfer Bitcoin from Gemini to Binance

In the next screenshot you will have a ‘BTC deposit address’ that appears – this is what you need to direct the Bitcoins from your Gemini wallet into your Binance wallet.

How to Transfer Bitcoin from Gemini to Binance

In the next screenshot you will login into Gemini and go to ‘Transfer Funds’ >> ‘Withdraw From Exchange’ >> BTC

How to Transfer Bitcoin from Gemini to Binance

In the final screenshot you will place the Binance wallet address that you got from Binance in the ‘Destination Address’.  You will also enter how much Bitcoin you would like to transfer from your Gemini wallet into your Binance wallet. Then click the ‘Review Withdrawal’ button and finish transferring your Bitcoin from Gemini to Binance.  

How to Transfer Bitcoin from Gemini to Binance

Now you’re all set to get started. Watch this video to get a good idea of how to use Binance.


Transfer at least 10% of your crypto investment earnings on Binance into and offline Bitcoin wallet and HODL IT!!!

There are lots of different Bitcoin wallets popping up on the scene and you will definitely want one to transfer some of your Bitcoin from your Binance wallet into your own Bitcoin wallet for safe keeping. The most secure place is directly in the Bitcoin/Blockchain wallet, but in order to do this you will need to download the entire Blockchain from

The Blockchain is currently over 150 GB so make sure that you have at lease 200 GB of storage to install it. This will provide you with the most secure storage for your Bitcoins and you will transfer them just like you did between Gemini and Binance but remember that you will not have the group transactions like Gemini offers so you will be paying the high transaction fees. Usually, no matter how much Bitcoin you transfer, the fees should be around $20 or less which is still a significant amount if you are only transferring a small amount of Bitcoin so make each transaction worth it.  I only transfer $500 worth of Bitcoin or more at a time.

If you don’t have 200GB of storage the next best thing is to get an OFFLINE HARDWARE WALLET.

The cream of the crop when it comes to a Hardware Wallet is the TREZOR.

What is TREZOR?

TREZOR is a single purpose device which allows you to make secure Bitcoin transactions. With TREZOR, transactions are completely safe even when initiated on a compromised or vulnerable computer. Because the use of TREZOR is very easy and intuitive we believe it will help Bitcoin adoption among people not familiar with the security issues.

How does TREZOR work?

The Bitcoin protocol works by sending signed notes of payment across the Internet. These messages (which are referred to as Transactions) are signed using a special algorithm. In order to sign a Bitcoin transaction, you need to have a special key or password. TREZOR holds that key. Since TREZOR’s job is to help you securely sign Transaction messages, you can think of your TREZOR as a modern day stamp.

TREZOR is better than an ordinary mechanical stamping mechanism, however. Each TREZOR has a PIN code. If your TREZOR gets stolen, thieves cannot misuse it to steal your money. Due to TREZOR’s clever design, even if the computer with which you use your TREZOR is hacked, the hackers will never know your PIN.

To purchase the TREZOR Click on the image link below


To begin with, ONLY invest 10-20% of your bankroll on ‘skimming’ at any one time until you get comfortable with the process and it becomes second hand.

Use 20% of your earnings to build an income that can replace your job (unless you love your job of course).

Use 20% of your earnings to pay off big ticket items

PERIODICALLY take 10% of your earnings and put them back into Bitcoin and transfer them to an Offline Hardware Wallet like TREZOR and HODL IT!!! (HODL just means to hold onto Bitcoin and don’t let it go because it will keep increasing in value for the next 20+ years.)

Pay off the mortgage and if you don’t have a mortgage then buy a house with cash. Housing is the biggest ticket item in a persons life – own it outright and you’re one step closer to freedom.

Pay off car loans

Pay off credit card debt

Liberate Yourself and Your Family!!!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me HERE

Share this page and the password with your friends and family. The crypto craze is just getting started and there’s more than enough to go around.