What is the difference between a Lineup Generator & an Lineup Optimizer

Basically, a DFS Lineup Generator takes the golfers, drivers, fighters, players, etc… which you choose and generates every possible lineup that fits within the salary range that you specify. Lineup Kings’ Lineup Generators deliver up to 500 different lineups, with the highest salaries first, in a DraftKings, FanDuel or FantasyDraft formatted CSV file that can be directly uploaded to those websites and used in their multi-entry competitions.  Multi-entry competitions allow you to enter from 20 up to 150 different lineups which greatly increases your odds of winning.  

A DFS Lineup Optimizer does the same thing as the DFS Lineup Generator except that you can increase or decrease your player exposure levels so you don’t have too many of one player in most of the lineups.  You can also increase the number of lineups your best players appear in.  Both the Lineup Generator and Lineup Optimzer will generate a CSV file that you can directly upload to your favorite DFS Provider.  

Look for the ‘M’ or ‘MULTI ENTRY’ when browsing the contests on DraftKings, FanDuel and FantasyDraft to find the multi-entry contests.