DFS NBA Research Guide

Daily Fantasy NBA Terms and Strategies –


NBA Glossary of Statistic Terminology

NBA Advanced Statistics Abbreviations Glossary

ESPN’s Glossry of NBA Terminology

Lots of great RotoGrinder articles on DFS NBA Strategies.

DraftKings DFS NBA Training Camp

RotoCurve’s DFS NBA Learning Curve

RotoGrinder’s Quick Guide to Learning Daily Fantasy Basketball

The FanDuel Maximum Strategy Guide

DFS Army’s Beginners Guide to DFS NBA

DFS Army’s Learning to Control Variance

Daily Fantasy Hoop’s Learning the Basics for DFS NBA

Daily Fantasy Sports NBA Fantasy Basketball Math – Beginners Guide to Advanced Stats

RotoBaller’s Key Stats to Know for NBA DFS Analysis

Berkley University Thesis for Strategies in DFS NBA



NBA Regular and Daily Fantasy Point Stats –


FantasyLabs’ awesome FREE stats/ratings tool for DFS NBA

Rotowire’s Sortable DFS NBA Player and Team Stats

RotoGrinder’s Daily Fantasy NBA points – Sortable by player and DFS Provider

Basketball Reference’s VERY COMPREHENSIVE, SORTABLE Individual Player stats

TeamRanking’s NBA Stats – Good DFS Research Tool

HoopStats Comprehensive DFS NBA Team and Player Stats

RotoGuru’s FanDuel Hoops Sortable Daily Fantasy Stats

Sporting Chart’s NBA Daily Fantasy Value Tracker

ESPN’s Daily Fantasy points for the NBA season

ESPN’s Regular NBA Stats page



Daily Fantasy NBA Forums –


RotoGrinder’s DFS NBA forum – One of the best

RotoWorld’s Daily Fantasy NBA Forum – Another one of the best

DailyRoto has a fairly decent forum for all things DFS

FantasyFix offers a small forum for DFS NBA

The RotoForum – DFS NBA forum



Daily Fantasy NBA Podcasts – 


RotoWorld’s DFS NBA Podcasts

RotoWire’s Daily Fantasy NBA Podcasts

Sports Gambling’s NBA Podcast

CBS Sport’s DFS Podcasts

Daily Fantasy Cafe’s Daily Fantasy NBA Video Podcasts

DraftKing’s Daily Fantasy Basketball Edge Podcasts

Stitcher’s Fantasy Basketball Podcast



Daily Fantasy NBA Strategy Videos –


DFS NBA Strategy, Research Methods, Scoring Systems and Rules

Daily Fantasy NBA Strategy

FanDuel NBA DFS Tips and Strategies: GPP Plays

How To Avoid Trap Plays – NBA DFS Strategy

DFS NBA GPP Strategy

FanDuel NBA Strategies: Tips for Playing Cash Games

How To Choose “Blowout Proof” Players – NBA DFS Strategy

Daily Fantasy Live: NBA DFS strategies

Beginners Guide: Building The Perfect NBA Lineup for FanDuel

How To Be Contrarian NBA – DraftKings Strategy

How To Create Lineups For Cash Games vs. GPPs – NBA DFS DraftKings Strategy

DraftKings NBA Strategies: Tips for playing & roster construction

DFS NBA Strategy Session: How Minutes Equal Money



Daily Fantasy YouTube Channels –


Fantasy Aces Channel 

RotoGrinders Channel

Fantasy Sports Network

The Sports Geek

Daily Fantasy Cafe

Fantasy Smack Talk


Fantasy Couch

Fantasy Labs

Daily Fantsy Nerds

Daily Fantasy Winners