Trophee Hassan II - April 13-16, 2017 - Royal Golf Dar Es Salam - Fantasy EURO-Golf Picks

Fantasy EURO-Golf Picks –

Expert Premium Picks and Sleepers

Hassan II Golf Trophy – April 13-16, 2017

Our DraftKings Fantasy Golf Picks are normally ready by Tuesday mornings on the weeks that DraftKings offers Fantasy PGA competitions. Each week we will rate our predictions so that you can see how we’re doing.

Fantasy Golf Picks Rating System –

No Stars: missed the cut
1-Star: 40 – 49 Fantasy Points Scored
2-Stars: 50 – 59 Fantasy Points Scored
3-Stars: 60 – 69 Fantasy Points Scored
4-Stars: 70 – 79 Fantasy Points Scored
5-Stars: 80+ Fantasy Points Scored


Royal Golf Dar Es Salam Course Overview (click here)

Our Fantasy Pick’s Result Tables are updated every week and reflect our prediction results for the past 3 tournaments

All salaries are in DraftKings salary format –

This is our first week with Premium Fantasy EURO-Golf Picks so the table will fill up over the next few weeks.

DraftKings Premium Fantasy Golf Picks
Trophee Hassan II 2017

DraftKings Value Fantasy Golf Picks
Trophee Hassan II 2017

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