DraftKings has just started offering a brand new Fantasy Golf competition – Weekend Golf.  It offers a twist from their normal PGA Fantasy Golf competitions in that the scoring is accumulated on days 3 and 4 of the tournament only and THERE IS NO SCORING FOR PLACING IN THE TOURNAMENT.  This will challenge the way you research your players with the ability to finish strong as the main factor in player choice.

For example: Player A barely makes the cut, but storms up the leaderboard on the weekend, while Player B is sitting at the top of the leaderboard going into the weekend but only plays mediocre on days 3 and 4.  Player A is who you’ll want on your team.

The scoring rules for DraftKings Weekend Golf are a bit different –

Per Hole Scoring –
Double Eagle or Better (DBe): +10 PTs
Eagle (EAG): +6 PTs
Birdie (BIR): +3 PTs
Par (PAR): +0.5 PTs
Bogey (BOG): -0.5 PTs
Double Bogey (DBB): -1 PT
Worse than Double Bogey (DBW): -1 PT
Streaks and Bonuses
Streak of 3 Birdies of Better (MAX 1 Per Round) (BIR3+): +1.75 PTs
Bogey Free Round (BOFR): +1.75 PTs
All 2 Rounds Under 70 Strokes (A2U70): +2.25 PTs
Hole in One (ACE): +4 PTs

After playing FanDuel’s new fantasy golf competitions with scoring divided into days 1 & 2 and Days 3 & 4 and really enjoying myself, I personally look forward to playing DraftKings’ Weekend Golf (click here).  Head over to DraftKings and give it a try – I’ll bet you’ll enjoy it.

Here’s a little primer to get you started.  The image below has the top 54 golfers for rounds 3 & 4 on FanDuel.  It can be a little misleading as both DraftKings and FanDuel use the rounds from missed cuts for the scoring averages so to get the real rounds 3 & 4 scoring averages for each golfer, take the denominator (the bottom number in the cuts made fraction) and multiply it by the rounds 3 & 4 scoring average and then divide that by the numerator (the top number in the cuts made fraction).

For example – Dustin Johnson has made 3/4 cuts (3 out of 4 cuts).  Take his rounds 3 & 4 scoring average which is 53.7 and multiply that by 4 (the denominator) and you get 214.8. Now divide 214.8 by 3 (the numerator) and you get 71.6.  This is Dustin’s scoring true average on the weekend.  For the golfers that have made every cut, the scoring averages shown are already correct.

FanDuel-Rounds-3-4-Scoring Averages - DraftKings Weekend Golf --- LineupKings Fantasy Golf

This is a great place to kickstart your research and REMEMBER to draft your weekend golfers AFTER end of play on Friday so you know who made the cut.